2016 Playa del Carmen Fishing Tournament a Huge Success

Posted By on May 30, 2016

The annual Torneo de Pesca 2016 – Tournament of Fishing 2016, is a catch and release program that helps establish Playa del Carmen’s tourist industry.

The mega-event has become a fun and highly popular event that attracts more fishermen each year. This year, 65 boats took part in the three-day fishing tournament which set sail on Saturday from Founders Park in Playa del Carmen.

catch and release fish 2016 tournament

The city’s mayor, Rafael Castro Castro, was on hand to see the tournament begin. At exactly 8:00 a.m. city mayor accompanied by the captain of Puerto de la Riviera Maya, David Antonio Galena Garcia, saw the start of the tournament, a festival that has been characterized as one of the main traditions of Playa del Carmen.

The mayor acknowledged the importance of continuing to promote these events and that each year there is a greater number of participants. He added that he will continue promoting the practice of sport fishing as one of the tourist attractions of the town while stressing the importance of the vision of sustainability under catch and release.

Participants were wished good luck by the mayor the night before at a Captain’s Dinner.

On the first day, the boats Ana Katalina, Javier Zetina and Cossi Diego Marrufo were successful in a blue marlin catch and release, one of the most sought-after fish in the region. Total releases during the first day of the tournament included four blue marlin, 15 white marlin and seven sailfish.

ana katalina catch and release fish 2016 tournament

The top five boats to place were Sea Phantom, coming in first place followed by Vessel Vessel Vessel, Costa Brava, Sea Queen and Ana Rebeca.

Congratulations to all participants.

The Torneo de Pesca has been an ongoing event since 1977.