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Buying and Selling Real Estate in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Thousands of people across Canada, the United States and Europe buy their second dream home in Playa del Carmen. While most people purchase their first dream home in the city they live and work in, it has become common for families of all sizes, and people of all ages, to purchase a second home.

Having a second home can be a Cancun condo, Tulum beachfront property or a Playa del Carmen home. Truly, it can be anything you want. Here at AREA International, we have one of the most extensive MLS real estate listings for Cancun real estate as well as Puerto Morelos condos, Playa del Carmen beachfront properties, Akumal land opportunities and Tulum property for sale.

buying a second home in mexico

Our MLS listings for real estate in Mexico consists of our own listings as well as real estate properties for sale by other qualified agents. You will notice our Mexico real estate listings are made up of everything from land on which you can build your own home, to ready-to-move-into properties.

These properties can be used for part-time family vacations when you have the time then rented out as investment properties the rest of the year. You can also turn your second dream home into your new primary residence by either retiring or moving to Mexico.

Not only does AREA Real Estate Advisors have one of the most extensive MLS lisings for Playa del Carmen, we also have an excellent reputation.

Real Estate Agents in Playa del Carmen — Riviera Maya

Bjoern KochWith more than 16 years of local experience, 20 years if you combine Bjoern’s experience buying and selling real estate in the United States, we are experts at matching you and your family with the property of your dreams.

Buying real estate in Mexico has never been easier or safer. With new state rules and an experienced (and properly licensed) real estate agent by your side, thousands have made that dream home purchase a reality.

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