A day of sea fishing while visiting Cancun

Posted By on May 5, 2015

Cancun, and in particular the small towns along the Riviera Maya, have grown exponentially over the past decade. While quaint is still a qualifying word that works, popular and growing are more accurate ways to describe the once small fishing villages that existed.

One of the reasons for the hefty growth patterns is the unique activities that can only be found along the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

sea fishing in playa del carmenA large majority of visitors to Cancun and the Riviera Maya are making a point to enjoy a day of sea fishing. Sea fishing in the Riviera Maya is an extremely popular year-round activity since the area has been geographically blessed with ripe angling conditions.

This tropical paradise has made local shores an ideal place to set out for a day of sightseeing and sea fishing. One spectacular area is off the island of Cozumel. Located just east of Playa del Carmen, the channel that formed between the island and the coast has created what some scientists refer to as a fish super highway.

The area is also located on the edge of an underwater valley where the ocean floor takes a sharp and substantial descend to depths of several hundred meters. This means anglers can enjoy deep sea fishing without having to trek very far from shore, making it an ideal sea fishing experience.

Not far off the shores of Playa del Carmen are an abundance of marlin and sailfish that make use of the channel, the fish super highway, during the spring and summer months. The peak time for marlin and sailfish, however, is March to July. But, anglers who are in search of a little peace and quiet during their vacations tend to luck out on catches even into September. September is also when the area is abundant with billfish.


Spring and summer months are prime times to catch both blue and white marlin. If you talk with a fishing friend who has been to Playa del Carmen during these months, they may tell you their big Grand Slam story. More than just another fish tale, locally the Grand Slam is called when someone manages to catch a blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish all in the same day. And no, it’s not as rare of an occurrence as you may think. As a matter of fact, the first week of May is referred to as Grand Slam week.

It’s worth noting that most charter fishing companies around Playa del Carmen require billfish to be released, but there are a few taxidermists in the area that can provide you with a replica of your catch.

Other fish you can expect to catch include barracuda, snapper, jack crevalle, grouper kingfish and dorado, all of which are excellent cooked. Filleting and cooking on the boats are not allowed, but most restaurants in Playa del Carmen are more than happy to serve your catch to your table along with several side dishes of local flavours.

Don’t forget your camera!