Tips to becoming a snowbird in Mexico

Posted By on May 22, 2015

Thinking about ditching winter and become a snowbird someplace warm? You’re certainly not alone. Thousands of expats make Cancun and the Riviera Maya their seasonal home each year by becoming a snowbird in Mexico.

Purchasing a second home or investment real estate in Playa del Carmen does not necessarily mean you have to relocate your entire life. If investing in Playa del Carmen real estate is right for you, but living in Playa del Carmen full-time is not, don’t worry. You’d be surprised how many snowbirds manage to live in Playa del Carmen when it suits them best.

Becoming a snowbird in Mexico

For most, that time is the colder months of the year. Every year, thousands of winter residents arrive in Cancun and Playa del Carmen to enjoy the climate and attractive lifestyle. With Mexico’s six-month FMM (tourist visa), it’s never been easier for foreigners to spend six or so months in their Playa del Carmen home and six or so months in their native country.

Due to the growing popularity of the Riviera Maya, there are not many major cities in the U.S. and Canada without a direct flight into Cancun. Even major European hubs have made the effort to offer weekly direct flights, making travel extremely easy and affordable no matter where you live.

Combine those factors with the attractive real estate options in Playa del Carmen and it’s easy to see how retiring in Cancun or Playa del Carmen can become effortless. Join the thousands of others who make Playa del Carmen their half-home by buying real estate and snowbirding in the country half-time.

While the modern amenities, spectacular beaches and ideal climate are common draws, the affordable real estate options are another reason so many people chose to snowbird in Playa del Carmen. When you enter the country, you’re automatically granted a six-month stay at customs, which means no immigration worries or additional paperwork needed to spend the entire winter.

Playa del Carmen is a clean, safe city with a government committed to community improvements. There’s an active police force to keep things in check, world-class medical care and numerous housing options to fit into any financial position.

When you buy real estate property in Cancun or the city of Playa del Carmen, we admit there’s a fair bit of paperwork, but not any more or less than what you’d experience making a real estate investment anywhere else. A.R.E.A. International (Area Real Estate Advisors) is fully equipped with the skill and knowledge to see you through your real estate transaction without problems.

Owner, Bjoern Koch, is a licensed U.S. real estate agent who himself, relocated to Playa del Carmen back in the 1990s. For nearly 20 years, Bjoern has helped countless people buy their dream homes in Mexico. Area International specializes in Riviera Maya real estate properties. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge on local property investments, buyer representation and property sales.

Owner, Bjoern Koch, is a member of both the Mexican Association of Realtors (AMPI) and National Realtor Association (NAR). He is also owner of Riviera Maya Real Estate Services where you will find an extensive MLS listing of real estate property for sale in Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum.

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