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Posted By on September 5, 2017

Cancun Airport Terminal 4 Update

Terminal 4 gets to the airport to the forefront in Latin America

With the construction of the terminal four (T4), the Cancun International Airport (AIC) is consolidated this 2017 at the forefront of the airport industry in Latin America, because in addition to the increase in facilities, incorporates the most advanced technologies and Systems To ensure safety and comfort for passengers.

This work will make the air base, the first in the country with four terminals operational. Currently, it is the first one at the national level in volume of passengers foreigners and the second in air traffic, after the international airport in Mexico City.

Cancun Airport Terminal 4

A new terminal already? They just finished expanding terminal 3. Well according to ASUR, which operates several airports in Mexico, the new terminal 4 will help with an additional 9 million passengers to the Cancun and Riviera Maya areas.  It will cost about one BILLION pesos, this is addition to what they spent to expand the airport over the last 10 years, with the expansion of terminal 3 (partially opened in 2007 and finished in 2016), the new runway (opened in 2009) and the expansion of terminal 2 (finished in 2016).

In 2016 the airport saw over 21 million passenger, gaining an average of 10 percent more passengers each year. This is partially due to a new agreement between the US and Mexico that allows more airlines to fly between the countries.  Terminal 4 should be open by the 4th quarter of 2017, although the official are not releasing much information about it.  The most helpful source recently is Google maps.  It actually shows a great deal of detail and that the terminal will be located on the west end of the airport.  The image also shows that it may be connected directly to the new runway 2, where as the other terminals are connected by the bridge over the entry and exit roads.  This may help in getting planes in and out faster with shorter taxi times, which means more fun in the sun for the visitors.

Terminal 4 will house a duty free shop, several restaurants, a few bars as well as shopping and convenience stores.

In addition to the new terminal they plan to build a hotel on the grounds as well.  Officials have said that this will be opened in 2018, as the terminal was taking more of precedence. The hotel is planned to have 126 rooms.