Cancun and Tulum nominated for best beach in the world

Posted By on October 6, 2015

If you’ve been, you’re likely not surprised that the spectacular white sand beaches of Cancun and Tulum have often been rated as some of the best in the world. This year, however, the beaches have actually been nominated as Best in the World.

beaches of cancun

For the 12th edition of the annual World Travel Awards, the popular tourist destinations are hoping to claim the official title, but for now, are enjoying the prestigious nomination of Best Beaches in the World.

The nominations derive from the World Travel Awards which gives annual recognition to varying features of the international tourism industry.

Mario Cruz Rodriguez, director of Tourism, said that the efforts of the present administration in tourism are yielding positive results, which has positioned Tulum as one of the most important holiday areas in the country. Tulum was recently named Magic Town and has a good chance of winning the World Travel Award.

beaches of tulum

“The beaches of Tulum maintain their natural charm and with the arrival of kelp to our shores has not been a reason not to be nominated,” said Cruz Rodriguez.

Along with Tulum, Cancun is also competing for the distinction of best beach in the world. The official award will be presented in Bogota, Colombia on October 10.

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