Cancun summer weather: hurricane season not so bad

Posted By on June 16, 2015

There’s no denying that Cancun and the Riviera Maya attract visitors from around the globe year round. Typical winter months starting November into the spring months of April are certainly the busiest. These months are appealing to travelers looking to get a break from the winter cold to enjoy a little sun and sand.

Weather in Cancun

Cancun and the Riviera Maya, however, are also popular during traditional summer months. While beach and shopping crowds are less and travel prices are lower, visitors may have to tolerate the odd rain shower as tropical storms tend to make their way into the area from June until October.

When visiting Cancun and the Riviera Maya during the summer months, be prepared for high temperatures combined with high humidity. While the month of April sees temperatures average the low 80s, July and August average a toasty low 90s.

During these hot summer months the area also experiences rainfall. Some days consist of passing afternoon showers while other days people need to prepare for heavy tropical rains. However, short-lived, afternoon thunderstorms are more common than heavy tropical rains.

weather in cancun during the summer months

On average, weather in Cancun and the Riviera Maya sees about 2 inches of rain in April, which doubles in May and doubles again into June. Although rainfall totals tend to drop off in July and August, as with any tropical environment, the humidity remains high. Statistics show that on average, September and October are the wettest months of the year averaging 9 inches of rain each month.

Hurricane season in Cancun and the Riviera Maya runs from June to November as storms born mostly off West Africa, strengthen as they make their way westward. Some of these storms bring a few days of rain while others turn into hurricanes. The last hurricane to hit the area was Wilma, a category 5 hurricane in 2005.

Civil Protection, the region’s emergency storm organization, implemented their annual strategy called Storm Operation prior to June 1, which is the beginning of the local hurricane season. In the event of a storm emergency, Civil Protection will send updates and emergency preparation tips. Until then, come, visit and enjoy Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

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