Croco Cun, a Fantastic Day Trip for the Entire Family

Posted By on July 31, 2017

Article by Chavez Pascal Mertens

Going to the beach and snorkeling are fun, but when you have children it can be difficult to find different things to do to prevent boredom. We recently took a day trip to the Croco Cun zoo, an established but not so well-known attraction along the Cancun highway.

Located between Puerto Morelos and Cancun, the Croco Cun’s interactive zoo offers fun, knowledge and adventure for people of every age. However, before starting your tour, you will need a food bag for animal interaction. The animal food bags can be purchased for $2 USD at the desk when you enter the zoo. The bag contains food for all the animals that are allowed to be fed inside the zoo.

As soon as a guide is ready for you, which usually doesn’t take more than 5 minutes, the tour will start.

First of all there will be a huge amount of colorful and funny parrots, that because of their varying species, can speak between 60 and 200 words. Interacting with them is really funny as they give kisses. It is entertaining how they eat peanuts from your food bag.

Afterwards it’s time for the first alligators, but only the small ones. You will be given the chance to hold one of them, but don’t be scared, the guide will prevent you from getting bitten by them by fixing their mouth with a band.

By the way, you are allowed to take pictures at any time (no extra cost so you won’t need to buy a permission tag) and often, our guide offered to take pictures for us so everyone could be in the photo.

After you see the alligators, the tour will take you over many interesting stations like watching a huge five-meter snake and then being able to hold a small snake (if you want).

Petting naked no-fur Mayan dogs or watching turtles are also on the agenda. On the tour, you will see also spider monkeys that might try to steal your food bag so watch out! The main attraction for little kids will probably be the reindeer, which are pretty calm and happy because they are expecting to be petted.

In another section, you will find a lot of crocodiles that might just lay a meter or two away from you. Even though they aren’t moving and appear to be enjoying the sun, it is kind of scary. But there is no need to worry. The tour guide always has everything under control and knows the animals and their reactions.

While you are walking from station to station the guide will tell you a lot of interesting things about these animals, which is especially interesting for the children and is one of the things that makes the Croco Cun Zoo an great educational trip.

After the tour, which lasts around 60-70 minutes, you can buy different items in the souvenir shop, go to the on-site playground or enjoy food and drinks in their cafe. Entry prices vary depending on the US dollar, however, children up to 5 years enter free.

The Croco Cun Zoo is located close to Puerto Morelos on Highway 307.