Documents needed for residence Visas in Mexico

Posted By on October 3, 2017

We recently Contacted the Consulate in Miami to inquire about all the documents and requirements to obtain a residence visa for Mexico.
Please see the info we received.

Visa Application information Miami Consulate


Here I give you the instructions to be followed to apply for a resident visa (temporary or permanent). Read carefully (follow the two steps)




You should verify that it meets all the requirements for a permanent and temporary resident visa. Below information is provided:



  1. Fill out an application at:

or this application can obtain the day of the appointment at the Consulate.

  1. Passport or currently valid identity, original and copy.

III.           A photograph with the visible face without glasses, color, with white background and foreground.

  1. Original and copy of the document proving their legal status in the USA, if the person is not a national of the country where the visa request.
  2. Make the payment for visa rights ($ 36.00 USD).

Vi.           Submit documents evidencing any of the following cases (you must choose just one: Permanent or Temporary Resident):


Ø  To qualify for Permanent resident status, you must be retired (pensioner), therefore, you are obliged topresent a letter or proof of social security administration, stating expressly that you are pensioner and the amount of money Which you receive on a monthly basis.


In accordance with the previous paragraph, If you are a Retired must meet one of the following two conditions to apply a permanent residency:


  1. Original and copy of proof of investments or bank accounts with average monthly balance equivalent to twenty thousand days of general minimum wage in the Federal District, during the last twelve months. At current exchange rates, this amount to $90,000 US dollars, or,


  1. Original and copies of documents proving monthly pension income (social security benefits) the equivalent of five hundred days’ minimum wage in the Federal District, for the last six months. At current exchange rates, this amount to $2,200 US dollars.


Ø  To qualify for Temporary resident status. If you are not a Retired, so must  submit documents proving that meets the criteria of sufficient funds (Economic Solvency) to apply a temporary residency (3 options):


  1. Original and copy of proof of investment or bank accounts on a monthly average balance equivalent to five thousand days of general minimum wage in the Federal District ($21,900 USD), during the last twelve months; or,


  1. Original and copies of documents showing that has an employment, equivalent of three hundred days of general minimum wage in the Federal District ($1,200 USD), for the past six months: or


  1. Real Estate in Mexico. Original and copy of property deed or title awarded by a notary public attesting that the foreign person owns real estate, valued in excess of forty thousand days of general minimum wage in the Federal District ($160,000.00 USD).


Note the requirements for each type of visa in economic solvency are different. If you have more questions, you can consult the following  websites:


***Please note that all cases are subject to review and approval by the Consul. No document review is made online. The documents must be presented in original and copy in view of consul for supervision.

Any revision of documents must be requested by appointment. No documents are reviewed and visa applications are received without an appointment. ***




In our case, all consular interview must be requested by email to the following address:  with copy at



To make an appointment you, you must provide the following information: The visa application is for each person. The file is integrated by each foreigner requesting a visa.

  1. Full name and nationality.
  2. Phone number and email.
  3. Indicate option or modality of visa to apply (EX: Temporary or Permanent) and criteria (EX: economic solvency, real state, etc).
  4. Date you would like to attend your visa interview (provide at least 3 options date). In return we will send you an email confirming the date according to the preferences indicated by yourself containing the requirements to be present on the day of your appointment.THERE ARE NO APPOINTMENTS IN THE AFTERNOON. The attention to the public is from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. The time of your appointment is fixed by this Consulate, not the people.


Best regards,

Consulate General of Mexico in Miami