Finally! A CFE direct payment method that actually works

Posted By on March 3, 2016

If you live here or own property in Mexico, you’ve no doubt been challenged with the task of trying to pay facturas or bills. Since very few places allow for late payment, ensuring your facturas are paid in full and on time is essential to retaining that particular service.

CFE bills

The bi-monthly CFE paper billing system

Standing in long line ups are often part of the bill-paying process around here as is finding a convenient place to pay. Sometimes the stress of the lengthy line up combined with a tight deadline makes the bill-paying procedure nothing short of a headache…even worse if you’re standing outside in the heat.

One of the stickiest companies for late payment is CFE. Although the Comisión Federal de Electricidad allows electricity bills to be paid in numerous businesses around the city, many people still find making payment a challenge. Often, that challenge is simply trying to find someone to make the payment when you, as a local homeowner, are away or reside in another country.

CFE card system

The monthly electronic card billing system

Making payment also depends on how you’re billed. Some homes are on the bi-monthly paper bill plan while others are on the monthly electronic card payment system. Either way, leaving payment until the last minute means standing in a long line. Not making payment on time results in a cut in your electrical service.

Over the past year, there have been several apps developed that allow people to pay local Mexican facturas from anywhere they happen to be via a thrid-party system. Some have had success with these apps while others have been hesitant to use them.

Last year CFE introduced its own electronic payment system called Switch. Initially, the new payment method was used as a trial in the Yucatan state but has since expanded to include all of Mexico.

The company has developed their electronic payment system to work on desktops as well as Andriod for mobile phones. Switch allows CFE customers to make payment where ever and whenever they want. The payment system also goes a few steps further in that consumers can see past bills, annual consumption graphs, view current bills and due dates, access direct help, and make payments to restore cut-off services since payment through this CFE method is instant.

To Use Switch

Sign Up — it helps to have an older CFE factura on hand

Switch online CFE electricity payment system

Sign up by entering your name, CFE Service number and email address. Once inside, your latest CFE factura information instantly arrives on the screen.

If the information you entered is correct, select “Pagar” to pay your bill. There is a 7 peso fee to make this payment, which they add to the total of the bill.

Switch online CFE electricity payment system

You now need to enter the physical address of the home for which you want to pay. This is where having an old CFE factura comes in handy. If you utilize “auto fill” on your desktop, this should be a one-time task.

Switch online CFE electricity payment system

The system processes your payment, which only takes a few seconds, then sends a receipt via the email address you signed up with. Payment is instant!

The system is only in Spanish. To learn more, visit SWITCH Preguntas Frecuentas.

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