Grand Hyatt officially open, creating jobs and brand awareness

Posted By on June 18, 2015

Playa del Carmen continues to grow and expand and the opening of the beautiful new Grand Hyatt Hotel Playa del Carmen is just another example of this continued growth.

The Grand Hyatt Hotel is the first to operate an American brand among Spanish and Mexican hospitality with a European plan mode. The company’s latest hotel, which is located in the heart of Playa del Carmen, has 314 rooms.

grand hyatt playa del carmen

Jorge Macari, center hosting partner, said they had some delays with the opening of the hotel. Initally, they had planned to open in December, then June 1, but work details delayed them until June 16, which was the first day of operations.

Macari says, “This is the first Grand Hyatt in all of Latin America. Hyatt has different brands and Grand Hyatt is one of its premium brands. This was taken into consideration when we decided on the location, architecture and concept of the hotel.”

The Grand Hyatt is designed as an all-inclusive for guests who visit Playa del Carmen, and is complete with its own restaurant and usual range of amenities. The hotel currently employs 422 people, with a goal to employ 550.

The construction of the hotel employed approximately 2,000 people. Even though the hotel is open there are still about 80 construction-related people employed as they tend to the hotel’s final details.


Macari explains that “The investment was approximately $60 million, with a delay of six months. Around the hotel are two centers that do not belong to the Hyatt, one of them, being the beach club.” However, this brand brings to Playa del Carmen, hotels that are generally found only in Cancun.

The hotel currently has guests and is expected to attract high numbers as the summer travel season approaches.

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