Hotel exhibition for Cancun, Riviera Maya saw large increase

Posted By on June 22, 2015

This weekend’s Exphotel marked the 19th year and the largest attendance to date as hotels and other hospitality-related industries gathered in Cancun.

More than 2,000 people attended Exphotel as the more than 600 buyers and 480 suppliers mixed, mingled and attended workshops about the hospitality business along the Riviera Maya.

exphotel 2015 cancun

The large annual event focuses primarily on technology, ecology, procurement, human resources, energy conservation, biodegradable products and sustainable energy. The seminars and workshops were available to train workers and improve overall guest service.

Marco Vidal, 2015 Exphotel organizer, explained, “We want guest to have a unique experience in the hotels so when they return home they tell  their families of the experience and, instead of looking for the cheapest rate, they return due to brand loyalty.”

For the first time, Spain participated in the event, expressing great interest in the tourism market of southeast Mexico.

Numerous major hotel chains participated in the event’s 19th year including AM Resorts, Grupo Oasis, Palace and Hard Rock as well as national buyers from the Hyatt Posadas Group Tijuana and Mexico City.

exphotel 2015 cancun

As tourism and real estate in general continue to grow in Cancun and along the Riviera Maya, so does interest in events like these. Exphotel organizers reported a 25 percent increase in growth in new participants over last year. The event also saw a 50 percent increase in the area of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Daily lectures and workshops included a wide range of topics from how to provide better customer services to wine and golf contests where buyers and suppliers work together to link businesses with the hospitality industry.

Dedicated to the hotel and hospitality industry, the event focuses on hotel services, food and catering services, technology and hospitality solutions. The international event showcases the latest products and services while focusing on updating both knowledge and information about the industry. Those attending the event benefit with increased sale volumes and networking.

exphotel 2015 cancun

Exhibitors of Exphotel consisted of recognized chefs, food and beverage suppliers, furniture and accessory manufacturers for items such as lighting, glassware, cleaning products, equipment and cookware, hotel furniture, bar and restaurant equipment and bakery machines.

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