La Ceiba Park in Playa Del Carmen

Posted By on August 1, 2017

Traditional Market In a Natural Area

Article by Chavez Pascel Mertens

People especially in their vacations like to experience as many adventures as possible. In the best case each of their trips is more exciting than the one before. But isn`t is stressful to spend so much energy all the time? We recently checked out a place that will allow you to have fun with some downtime as well.

Calle 1 Sur, Ejidal, Playa del Carmen, the Location of “Parque La Ceiba” which has a very economic price of zero dollar to enter. Every 3rd Saturday of the month you will hear a specific mix of relaxing music if you pass by, because this is the time La Ceiba´s traditional market takes place and attracts national families and tourists to enjoy it´s natural enviornment.


Entering the park the first thing you will recognize is the huge amount of shade that the park provides. The dancing area, the playground, the cinema. Everything can be found easily because of the many colorfull signs that contain the different locations and their directions.


One of the highlights is the Café. It consists of 2 levels and is a total non smoking area. The first level has a spacious sitting area and fulfills the traditional tasks of a café: they sell food and drinks but the customer can actually chose between a lot of different things.

For example they sell the usual refreshments like coke and soda but aswell their own agua de Jamaica which is much more specific. The food does also have it´s varity since they offer things like sweet cakes but also tortas de cochinita.

The second level contains a roof top patio with a sitting area on it. This is the place where programs like the magician show and games for children take place. Right in front of the Café the market starts.

There are sellers that offer traditional Mexican dresses and bird pipes. One of the most convincing ones is a pretty small shop that offers handmade snacks, homemade honey and a lot more.

Those regional products are very natural and delicious. By the way they are kind of cheap. A big glass  of honey with 710 gram in it has a price of about 100 pesos and a small back full of handmade natural chili crackers is being sold for 15 pesos.

All in all the market offers a great diversity of products and a very peacefull environment that is perfect to relax. Furthermore children can have a lot of fun which makes the park and the market a good choice for family trips. Check it out and enjoy it!