Mexican wines produce growing interest with international tourists

Posted By on October 19, 2015

With a growing tourism industry comes a growing taste for some of the finer things in life including wines.

As luxury travelers continue to make their way to Cancun and the Riviera Maya, local hotels and restaurants are testing the local wine and spirits market with a variety of locally produced vinos. Not many people know that Mexico produces some of the finest boutique wines to hit international shelves, however, the country is responsible for producing some of the finest world-class bottles.

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Fabricio Fragroso Fabro, of Gastronomy School Le Cordon Bleu at Anahuac University in Cancun says, “For the past two years the wine culture has taken hold in the area. The type of tourists arriving here like wine. Not only is there a high demand for wine, it is something many people want to learn more about.”

He adds that due to the growing interest and demand in wines, waiters and wine stewards in professional tourism as well as other food and beverage areas of hotels and restaurants, are very interested in learning more.

He explains that tourists who come to Cancun and the Riviera Maya are also curious to know about new wines and the wine-producing regions, which has begun a booming national product. In particular, “Mexico produces wines of good harvests and quality,” he said.

many boutique wines are produced in mexico

In the country, especially in the north, instead of producing large-scale, wine producers focus on quality to compete with other countries. Many boutique wines that come from Mexican vineyards are selective where the care and quality is highly managed.

wine school

The wine industry has become so popular that the Anahuac University in Cancun  is offering a diploma course that takes 11 months to complete. Upon completion, students will have learned about producing regions, wine legislation, service, selection, procurement, food pairing, tasting, presentation and preservation.

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