Mexico as a permanent home for retired expats

Posted By on August 13, 2015

Over the past decade, Mexico has become the number one choice for retiree expats over the age of 50. Although expats of all ages make Mexico their permanent home, more and more retirees are making the move for medical reasons.

americans over 50 making mexico permanent retirement home

Aside from affordable real estate and lucrative investment properties, a lot of people have realized the health care benefits that are available in Mexico. When compared to prices in the US, Canada and Europe, Mexico offers quality health care at a fraction of the price.

This has become increasingly important as global recessions continue, healthcare costs rise and retirees find themselves on a fixed monthly income. When they fall ill, a large portion of their retirement savings often goes toward medical treatments. This adds an additional burden on them to use their life savings to pay for expensive medical bills. For those that do not have that extra reserve to tap into, healthcare in Mexico becomes an affordable option.medical treatments in mexicoAs the retirement trend takes hold, more and more health insurance companies are expanding their coverage to include Mexico. Often for less than $1,000 USD per year, retirees can have medical coverage that provides them access to certain dental benefits, X-ray, blood work and IMSS hospital care.

retirees making mexico their permanent home

Medical treatments in Mexico are a fraction of the cost than the US, Canada and the UK. Also, seeking medical care in Mexico often means less wait time for sensitive procedures.

Over the past several years, Mexico has become a medical tourism destination for thousands seeking high-quality medical treatments for a fraction of what they’d pay in their home country. This is another reason many retirees not only arrive for medical purposes, but also decide to make Mexico their permanent home.

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