Mexico remains top travel destination for Americans

Posted By on May 30, 2015

A report for the U.S. Travel Association shows that Americans are taking less vacation time than at any other point during the past 40 years. This may be a factor in why so many Americans are opting to buy second homes and retire early.

The study, which was conducted by Oxford Economics, also showed that when Americans did finally decide to travel, they stuck close to home. Michelle Grant, a travel and tourism research manager for Euromonitor International, a market research company, says that a majority of traveling Americans chose places that are more affordable and easier to reach; destinations with shorter, direct flights are preferred.

mexico top choice for american tourists

According to Euromonitor, the most popular international destination with Americans for 2015, by a landslide, is Mexico.

Mexico took top spot last year with traveling Americans with approximately 20,916,000 trips, a country Euromonitor says, will likely be favored again in 2015. Already this year, Grant says that according to national statistics and trade sources, there has been a 1.8 percent increase in Americans traveling to Mexico, and it’s only May.

While every traveler has their own reason for choosing Mexico, the county’s alluring sun, sand and cuisine are only a part of the reason so many arrive here. Along Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula between Cancun and Tulum is the favored Riviera Maya. The entire area is rich with ancient Maya ruins, UNESCO World Heritage sites and of course, impeccable sandy beaches.

The Riviera Maya continues to grow and attract more than just spring break students. Smaller cities like Playa del Carmen, for example, have a lot of government investment that has provided the region with a healthy infrastructure, modern facilities and a safe environment for all who live and visit. This has been a key contributing factor to the area’s continued growth.

Statistics from state groups Interés Social and INFONAVIT show that there are approximately 10,000 new homes built each year in the state and 724 homes sold each month, making it one of the most active in the way of real estate transactions. When combined with traveler numbers, it’s easy to see why buying real estate in Playa del Carmen is a good investment.

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