More investments as Cuidad Mayakoba construction advances

Posted By on April 4, 2017

As the demand for housing continues in Riviera Maya, developers like Mayakoba continue to answer that calling. Their latest project, Ciudad Mayakoba, is seeing another $150 million dollar investment in addition to the $100 million they’ve already put into the first stage of the project.

One of the most important projects for the upcoming development is a specialty hospital. While full details are not expected until mid-April, Agustin Sarasola, OHL director, says that the hospital involves an investment of approximately $20 million dollars.

In addition to the hospital, another large-scale project is Central Park under the UN Habitat Program, as well as the Mayakoba Country Club, which will consist of a golf course. The area, which is being built for medium to high earning families, will have numerous trails and lagoons.

Ciudad Mayakoba is being constructed to integrate different types of high-end residences with low population density. The “city” will offer Mayakoba villagers a range of medium-density condominiums and economical housing with shopping malls, health care services, multi-level education, sports, arts and culture as well as public greenspaces all in an urban park setting.


The entire housing project is expected to consist of 2,500 houses over 409 hectares with a total cost of $1 billion USD. The residences are divided into Senderos de Ciudad Mayakoba, Lagunas Ciudad Mayakoba, Jardines de Ciudad Mayakoba and Mayakoba Country Club. So far, 1,300 single-family homes and lots have been sold.