New complete attractions guide for everything Quintana Roo

Posted By on October 22, 2015

The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau in combination with the Tourism Board of Mexico has created a much-needed attractions guide map for the region. The new map, which is available in six languages, features every attraction available from Holbox to Tulum.

Jesus Almaguer Salazar, director general of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, says “Every one of the treasures of the Mexican Caribbean has an attractions guide. The information is usually in English and Spanish and they all share the map of the northern state for each destination.”

So it only made sense that Quintana Roo have their own as well.

new tourism map

Local tourism promoters make an estimated 12 trips per year to international cities in the US, Europe and Asia to promote the state of Quintana Roo. They spend a great deal of time promoting various segments of tourism offered in each of the state’s destinations.

The new maps list different events, land and sea activities and tidbits on the local culture. The map is also filled with useful information including population statistics, theme parks, cenote routes, archaeological sites and markets. There is also listings for golf, nature, adventure, spas, conventions, dining and entertainment, water sports, culture, weddings, shopping and even romantic spots.

The maps are available in German, Chinese, English, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish and can be found in public areas of professional events, seminars, trade shows and public tourist areas.

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