Officials helping visitors avoid driving problems

Posted By on October 1, 2015

If you’ve ever rented a car while visiting Cancun or the Riviera Maya, there a good chance you may have had an experience with the local law enforcement.

Car rental companies and the local police are aware that the driving laws from country to county do vary and that visitors who drive in and around the state are often unaware of the rules of the road. This does not only apply to out-of-country tourists, but also to Mexican nationals visiting the region from other states. Quintana Roo is full of nit-picky driving rules that seem to change – or become updated – on a regular basis.

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Being stopped by the local police and fined for various traffic acts is a problem, and it’s one state officials intend to deal with. Their solution is a specified visitor card that will be distributed to those who rent vehicles. Although the cards will resemble the same system as rental companies have in Cancun, car rental companies in Solidarity and the Riviera Maya will have their own cards to cover the tourist corridor.

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The biggest problem, according to Manica Jorge Portilla, director of Tourism Tulum, is the vast number of complaints received by tourists and Mexican national visitors to the area. He says, “There have been many complaints from tourists who are in favor of the card. What we want is to have a good image of the destination and the state.”

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State officials are still meeting with other heads of state of tourism as well as federal police authorities to determine the best approach. One hurdle they have is that many people who lease vehicles enjoy driving tours outside of the state. While a majority of visitors drive around the tourist corridors, others make their way to surrounding states where their tourist cards won’t do much to protect them from driving errors.

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