Paying Property Taxes in Playa del Carmen

Posted By on January 1, 2015

Property taxes throughout Mexico tend to be very low, which is something you will also find Playa del Carmen. Probably a greater concern than the amount you’ll be paying will be how and when to pay.

Riviera Maya Property Management Services is a sister-company of AREA Real Estate Advisors and offers extended services to our clients such as paying property taxes on your behalf, however, if you prefer to make these payments on your own, the following are some points, which are true of property taxes throughout Mexico:

Property taxes are paid by citizens and non-citizens who own property or hold rights to a property.
Taxes apply to all property types – land, homes, condos or commercial
Taxes are usually due annually in January or February (February is usual for Playa del Carmen)
There is an option for bi-monthly payments as well
Discounts are often offered for early payments

When to Pay
In Playa del Carmen, property taxes are usually due by the end of February and it’s a common practice to offer discounts for early payments. These reductions can vary, but in general they go from 15% to 5% of the total amount.

What you need
To pay your property taxes you will need a copy of the last year’s payment or the boleta predial, which is the form indicating that your property has been registered for taxes. If you are buying a resale property, you should receive the last owner’s boleta predial when the property is transferred. You will go to the municipal office (see below) with the following documents:

Boleta Predial (last owners)
Copy of your title
Identification (passport)

With these, you will receive a boleta predial in your name, and you will be able to pay your property taxes. If it is a new purchase, you will need basically the same documentation except that the developer will provide you with a reference number that you can take to the municipal office instead of the old registration form. After having paid property taxes for the first time, you simply need to bring your property tax receipt to the municipal office.

Where to Pay
At the Municipal Office: 20th Ave. North #101, between 8th y 10th Street (behind Walmart) Downtown, Playa del Carmen Tel: 984-877-30 50 e-mail:

In Automatic Payment Booths: At the municipal office, or at the two malls (Centro Maya, Plaza Las Americas)

Online: You can also check your payment amount at

Note: These pages are in Spanish, so you will probably need someone who reads Spanish alongside of you. If you are not in Playa del Carmen and the online payment doesn’t work you can have someone else pay your property taxes for you.