Real Estate Options Throughout Playa del Carmen

Posted By on April 7, 2017

As many of you know Playa del Carmen has developed over the years into a city. Why 30 years ago, less than 5,000 people called this place home, but  now it is now a bustling city with over 220,000 residence. With that in mind, we get asked all the time about pricing and what your money can by today.

To understand the Playa real estate market we break the area into different zones: Playacar, Centro, Coco Bay Area and north of town. For the majority of foreign investors the area from the highway to the beach is of most interest and this is what we focus on.

So let’s get started.

Playacar: Playacar is a gated resort community on the south-side of Playa del Carmen.  This residential and all-inclusive resort area offers a long stretch of beach for resort guests and visitors vacationing in the vacation homes and condos of the subdivision.

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Playacar is also the home of many professional people working in the area. Condos can go as low as $110,000 – $120,000 for places in La Concha or Wayak for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom but you can also find prices for over over $500,000 in the ocean front condos like Xaman-Ha or Fishermans.

Private homes can be purchased starting at around $300,000 – $330,000. Playacar also offers a golf course managed by the Hard Rock Hotel group and as an owner in Playacar, you have access to benefits and preferred rates and also have access to the Reef Hotel and the beach.

Some of our listing examples include a 2 bedroom in Puerto Del Sol for $165,000 USD, a penthouse in Holka’an for $249,000, a 3 bedroom condo in Paseo Del Sol for $345,000 and a 2 bedroom ground floor condo for $359,000.

Playacar is for everyone’s budget and if you plan on living in Playa Del Carmen it is one of the preferred choices for full time living.

real estate in central playa del carmen

Centro Playa Del Carmen: I consider the center anywhere from the gates of Playacar to Calle 38. And as this is quite a stretch of territory, you will have a large variety of condos and options available. This area is also in high demand for vacation rentals and many visitors favor this are as there is no need for a car and everything from grocery shopping to restaurants, bars, beach clubs and so on can be reached on foot.

Prices for condos are all over the place and start under $100,000 around 40th street and can reach over a million USD for a beachfront condo in El Faro. However there are a lot of choices of great condos in a great location for around $200,000.

Properties like Pelicanos unit 101 is priced at $199,000 or a small unique 2 bedroom condo on 14B street for $96,000 USD. If you want to be in the ocean front section, pricing for a 1 bedroom condo start just under $300,000 like unit 306 in the Playa Palms priced at $295,000. The Centro locations in general are more busy and livelier as for example the Playacar properties.

Coco Bay and North: Going further north past Calle 38 you will find a variety of condos and a lot of the new construction. This expands all the way north past the Colosio area up to the Grand Coral Golf Resort area including the hot spot at Coco Bay.

This area will all be redeveloped over the next year as the town moves towards this direction. Developers like Simca, GMB and Kaua are all building projects in this area and have been successful in selling of their inventory.

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There are many new restaurants and bars popping up and this area which is becoming more and more vibrant. Calle 38 has changed of the recent years and with projects like Miranda or Terracces, adding two new developments.

The Pueblito Escondido project has been there since 2008 and 1 bedroom suite half a block from the ocean will cost $320,000 but you are still getting 100 square meters of living space where most of the newer construction is much more compact and less spacious. Prices in the Coco Bay area will go from as low as $150,000 to the more upscale places at the Elements starting at $450,000.

Past the Grand Coral area you will find the residential developments of El Cielo and Selvamar and the newest Addition Ciudad Mayakoba. These 3 projects are driven towards full time residence and buyers who want to be away from downtown.

Condo prices are all over the map at start at $110,000 USD – $120,000 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo as an example. You will need to own a car to move around and get to the grocery stores and so on as the infrastructure is not developed yet.

Some of the good projects to invest are Lagunas de Mayakoba for example or even plan on building a house and lot prices are still reasonable compared to prices in town or Playacar. Some of our listings include a resale in AWA for $175,000 for a large 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo.

To learn more about this or other opportunities feel free to contact any of our agents to give you a tour of these regions. For more information,