Riviera Maya is on target for new occupancy record

Posted By on October 27, 2015


Each year local tourism officials set higher goals for bettering the region and attracting tourists and this year is no exception.

Riviera maya beach

Manuel Paredes Mendoza, director of the Association of Hotels of the Riviera Maya, mentioned that although current figures are preliminary, the Riviera Maya is targeted to have an additional 200,000 visitors in 2015 over last year.

Aside from continual promotion of the region, Paredes Mendoza says that the addition of more than 2,000 hotel rooms has already helped with the nearly 4 percent increase over last year.

“During these months when it is the low season and hotels are in the levels of around 70 percent occupancy, we move in groups of conventions as a way to consolidate the market in the offseason,” said Manuel Paredes.

Manuel Paredes, Riviera Maya Hotel Association

He says that the month of November is one of the high seasons for convention tourism, then after that, families arrive to put the occupancy rate above 80 percent. During the peak seasons, the region may even see 100 percent for the last days of 2015.

hotel occupation steadies in riviera maya

In the latest report from the Trust for Tourism Promotion of the Riviera Maya, they announced that the occupation rate was about 76 percent in the approximately 42,000 hotel rooms that exist in the region.

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