Riviera Maya Occupancy Information

Posted By on September 15, 2017

Over the years we have been watching the occupancy rates  of the Hotels in Riviera Maya be steady and consistent. We recently conducted a study of this increase and wanted to share with you some of the numbers. As you can see the numbers have been very steady of the past 9 years.



Reason for the High Hotel occupancy are the Airport arrivals in to Cancun International Airport. This numbers further increase with the addition of Terminal 4. We posted a Article about this a fee weeks ago.

Occupancy in The Riviera Maya

Having a big Airlift in to Cancun shows you that the Riviera Maya is one of the premier destinations in Mexico. We recently visited a other Resort Town on the Pacific Side. Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo also know as Los Cabo is also booming and there are many new resorts and hotels currently being constructed. We talked to some of the Hotel Managers there and there wished the occupancy rate would be anywhere near what the Riviera Maya has to offer.
Why is the Riviera Maya is doing so well.
A lot of hot has to do with its international visitors. While Area Like Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta Depend on the Visitors from USA and Canada the Riviera Maya has the majority Share of the European and South American Markets of Visitors to Mexico. Add to this the Canadian and American Visitors and you have a very international clientele.

If you look at the Hotel Occupancy just for 2016 you can see that only during the month of September and October the Occupancy was reported below 80%. This clearly Shows that the Riviera Maya has become a year around Destination.


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