Spanish television company to promote southern Riviera Maya

Posted By on February 1, 2016

As a result of tourism promotion efforts, the once tiny hamlet of Tulum is set to become the main focus of a European television company.


During the week of February 4, the Madrid television station, Telemadrid, will be taking a crew and heading to the southern portion of the Riviera Maya to feature Tulum and its surrounding areas.

The region was promoted as part of the Mexico tourism package during the last International Tourism Fair that was recently held in Madrid, Spain. It is from this promotion that the Spanish television company expressed a great deal of interest in the Tulum region.

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Mexico tourism campaigned the region’s Maya culture, its ruins and its endless natural elements. Telemadrid will video footage from various places including Tulum, Punta Allen, Akumal and Coba. Television crews will be paying particular attention to the region’s route of cenotes, which is turn, is expected to impact local tour operators by attracting more European tourism.


Last year, figures showed approximately 70,000 Europeans headed to Tulum for their vacation. This year, the local tourism board is anticipating a 20 percent increase since Spain has shown to be one of the largest emerging markets for Mexican tourism.

The footage will be used to promote the southern portion of the Riviera Maya throughout Spain.

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