Sport Options In Playa Del Carmen

Posted By on August 11, 2017


Sports in Playa del Carmen by Chavez Mertens

As a foreigner, that isn’t used to the high temperatures and humidity it might appear crazy to do any kind of sports in Playa Del Carmen. Don’t worry, as long as you drink enough and try to avoid spending too much time in the sun this place is great for some intensive workouts.

And actually there is a big selection to choose from. Besides several gyms in town, such as “The Gym”, located at the 1st avenue between Avenida Constituyentes and calle 16 bis, or “California Fitness”, located at Centro Maya.

However, there are also other possibilities to become active in sports. Mexicos most popular sport is soccer and of course it is also being practiced in Playa del Carmen.

For example you could go to the “Poliforum Playa del Carmen” which is located at Avenida Juarez between 110th and 115th avenue. Eventhough it is not really modern, there is a lot you could do concerning sports.

They have a street soccer field, which is a unique experience to use, as the ground is made of concrete, the field is small and the games speed is very high. If you are afraid of getting hurt you should better use their synthetic green fields, that might not be in the best condition, but are still funny to play on. If you are alone, don’t be shy to ask any playing teams if you are allowed to join them, as they are generally open minded to new persons.

Furthermore the Poliforum offers to participate in boxing, volleyball, squash, tennis, Zumba and American football. It is a place that is mainly visited by nationals and that creates a great connection between them, as they share their free time together and have fun. It is a great chance to get deeper into the understanding of Mexican culture.

If you are more interested in watching sports, you should not miss the opportunity of visiting Playa del Carmens most successful soccer team, “Inter Playa”. They are currently participating in Mexicos second division. Their matches in Playa del Carmen will take place at the “Unidad Deportiva Mario Villanueva Madrid” which is located at  10th avenue between calle 32 and 34 norte.

Their stadium also offers a basketball field, tennis courts and a small outdoor gym. So it should be easy to find something that you are interested in.

Other Sports include activities such as Scuba Diving, Kitesurfing, Sky Jumping, Paddle Board and much more