Spring Break in Playa: more than the party scene

Posted By on March 11, 2016

With Spring Break just around the corner, hotels and travel agencies in Cancun and the Riviera Maya are gearing up for the mass crowds that arrive every year. Tourism officials have declared a 97 percent occupancy rate for the region for this holiday season, and have already set meetings with tourism sectors to generate packages for the upcoming summer season.

playa del carmen, mexico

The beauty and tranquility of Playa del Carmen beaches

It’s a little known fact that the Riviera Maya has two distinct tourist seasons.

A common misconception is that the region has only one tourist season of international travelers who arrive here for a winter thaw. It’s a question we often get asked when people are considering a second home. The fact is, nearly half of the region’s annual tourism numbers consist of domestic tourism: that being Mexican nationals who live in-land and take to the coasts — Pacific and Caribbean — each year for their annual holiday. They are also big property buyers along the Riviera Maya for the same reason international buyers choose here: it’s beautiful, safe, affordable and very easy to access.

springbreak cancun, playa del carmen 2016

For many, the term spring break generates visions of endless beach parties and out of control youth, which may hold true for various venues in the Cancun Hotel Zone where that particular vacation is catered to more than one would find along the Riviera Maya.

Vacationing in the Riviera Maya during Easter is more about family time. There’s no denying that many of the events planned for this particular season are done so with party-goers in mind, however, Easter is an important time of year for the Mexican people and is one that revolves around relaxing.

relax during this spring break in playa del carmen

Approximately 50 percent of the tourists seen here during Easter are Mexican nationals. They are tired moms and dads who are simply looking to escape the daily grind and enjoy the wholesome goodness that this wonderful country offers.

adventures for families

Snorkeling and diving are only two of the many great family adventures you will find when vacationing in Playa del Carmen

Luxury hotel accommodations with all-inclusive services, relaxing spas, adventure sports for the kids and a simple seaside beach cabana is about as close to a vacation heaven as any of us could want.

cabana beds on playa del carmen beach

And while the hot party scene unfolds in other popular places like Cancun, smaller areas such as Playa del Carmen offer that perfect kick-back-and-relax vacation that so many want and need, making it an ideal place to be this time of year.

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