Tax Time for Property Owners

Posted By on November 29, 2016

It’s nearing that time of year again when Playa del Carmen homeowners will receive their annual property tax bill. Taxes are required for any property or real estate owned by private citizens, businesses, office buildings and commercial premises.

In the state of Quintana Roo, property taxes or predial are calculated annually and are due during the first two months of the year. According to Solidaridad website, it is also possible to pay property taxes bi-monthly with the exception of taxpayers who contribute the minimum quota, ie: retirees, pensioners or over 60 years.

Normally, there is a discount for those who make their full payment during the month of January. The percentage that is discounted varies according to the state and changes each year. Reductions often range from 5 percent to 15 percent of the total to be paid, however, this year, people who pay their 2017 property taxes between December 1 and December 30 are given an automatic 25% discount.

If you’re wondering where you can pay your 2017 property taxes, they can be paid online or in person:

playa del carmen property taxes 2017