Tequila: The story behind it

Posted By on July 31, 2017

Article by Chavez Pascal Mertens

Especially as a foreigner that wants to become familiar with the Mexican culture, it would be awesome to learn something about the famous Tequila.
That was what Adam Fodor and his wife Andi Fodor from Hungary thought.  “Unfortunately nobody did it, so we decided to do it on our own”.

The Tequila Academy was born. What they offer is a special Tequila Tasting that mostly takes place on a charming rooftop location with pool.

Like the name says you will learn a lot there. For example how to differenciate the types of tequila like rebosado and anejo. In addition there is a lot of conversation about the agave itself. Did you know that the agave can be eaten when it is cooked in a special way? Just by tasting you will also find out from which region the specific tequila is. Furthermore Adam explains how Tequila is made, how you drink it correctly and how to sniff it.

This experience would be a very nice birthday present or a evening-event with not too much action. The atmosphere is very unique and creates the chance to calm down. Also the Tequila Academy offers to combine the tasting with food, which means that you will have the tasting in a restaurant.

If you don’t feel comfortable with going out, they will even do the tastings at your home.

Prices for usual tasting are 600 pesos per persons and last between 1 and 1.5 hours. Pairing the tasting with food will cost 1200 pesos per person. For 800 pesos per person they will come to your place and uprgrades can be done at any kind of tasting.

Those updates include the use of special and very expensive Stock Tequila with an extra cost of 350 pesos per person. Furthermore it is possible to make a mezcal-tequila combo for another 250 pesos per person. To make the tasting romantic you can also order a private tasting for just 2 persons, which takes 200 pesos more per person.

Tequila Academy hasn’t got a fixed address, but you can book and get information from their website www.tequilatastingplaya.com or contact the owners directly through tequilaacademy@gmail.com