Three reasons to visit Mexico in the summer

Posted By on June 17, 2015

It’s official! According to Cancun International Airport statistics, 17 million visitors landed in the popular tourist city last year alone. That’s great news! Those figures set a new record for Cancun; a record that continues to increase nearly every year. Even though the word is out about just how beautiful Cancun and the Riviera Maya regions are, here are three excellent reasons to visit Mexico during the summer months.

Less crowds

While a large majority of visitors arrive for their winter thaw between November and April, there’s a fair share that know how lovely the area is between June and October. If you’re able to tolerate the odd rain shower – we suggest hanging out under a cold beer palapa – your reward for visiting during the off-season is less crowds.

hang out under papala

Regardless of the season, everything is open year round, but visiting during the summer months means shopping areas are not as flodded, reservations are not as lengthy and the price of local services are often considerably lower.

More travel deals

Along with lower local prices, off-season travelers will also benefit from extensive travel deals. Nearly every form of travel option — bus, cruise ship or plane — will offer discounts on getting you to Cancun. Once here, hotel prices are often significantly cheaper, which is a great reason to treat yourself to that beachfront property or penthouse suite you might not be able to afford during high season.

summer travel deals to mexico

Fishing and whale sharks

Anglers will tell you that sea fishing is best in the Riviera Maya during the summer months. Although a great experience any time of the year, sea fishing during the summer months are the best times to catch the ever-popular Blue Marlin.

blue marlin fishing in mexico

Natural beauty comes in many forms around the Riviera Maya, and whale sharks are one of them. Arriving once a year between May and September, these large and amazing animals, which are actually a fish not a shark, take to the local waters. The Riviera Maya is one of the few locations in the world that hosts these beautiful sea creatures each year. There are numerous diving companies that take passengers to swim with the whale sharks.

Regardless of the reason for visiting Cancun and the Riviera Maya, the summer months have just as much to offer the traveler as the rest of the year…maybe even more!

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