UK Consumers Choose Mexican Food for New Food Culture

Posted By on January 27, 2016

New research from Future Thinking shows that Mexican cuisine leads the way in terms of experimentation with new food cultures in the United Kingdom.

shrimp tacos

The survey, which studied the consumption behaviors of more than 2,000 middle-aged UK food consumers, found that nearly 30 percent had chosen Mexican as their first-time experimental food choice followed by Moroccan and fiery American barbecue. It was the younger generation who showed more adventure when trying new foods. Those aged 34 and under were more willing to try the latest in products and trending food items than those over the age of 55.


The study showed how the UK has become more adventurous with their food choices and how eating habits are increasingly driven by social media-focused platforms, particularly those made up of mainly photos such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Claudia Strauss, managing director of Future Thinking, says “Our research illustrates that Britain’s taste buds continue to seek new and exotic flavors as a way to recreate far flung holiday experiences and international celebrations. For manufacturers and retailers this presents exciting opportunities to offer consumers new and delicious ranges of world foods.”


Each year, approximately 300,000 visitors from the UK land at the Cancun International Airport to enjoy the local sun, sand, shopping and cuisine. Since 2014, that number has seen a steady rise of about 3 percent per year.

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