Visit Cancun’s latest Blue Flag certified beach, Playa del Niño

Posted By on June 15, 2015

Cancun is a great place for beautiful beaches and now, there is another must-see to add to your list. Visitors to the Cancun area who want to venture off their hotel property and onto other beaches can check out Playa del Niño.

PLAYA-DEL-NIÑO in cancun

Playa del Niño Cancun is the closest beach to the Maritime Terminal Puerto Juarez. It is a very local beach, meaning it’s not filled with tourists, although you will see some. You’ll need to grab a bus or taxi to get there, unless you’ve rented a car, and the trek is worth it.

Over the past two years, this beach has undergone major reconstruction. What was once a local secret has now become a favorite with both domestic and foreign visitors. The beach has become one of the most popular in all of Cancun, receiving upwards of 3,500 people on busy weekend days.

Along with modern infrastructure, the beach is a favorite for swimming being as it’s one of the few without strong waves or rip currents. It has also been Blue Flag certified, making it one of the few Blue  Flag beaches in the entire country.

playa del nino, cancun

Eduardo Mariscal de la Selva, director of Zofemat in the municipality (Federal Maritime Zone), Playa del Niño is now one of the best preserved beaches in all of Cancun due to regular maintenance from regular use.

“There are families who have high regard for this beach because it was one of the first in which tourism started to grow quickly,” said Mariscal de la Selva.

Playa Delfines in Cancun’s famous Hotel Zone is another popular beach with tourists. Not only do people enjoy the sand and beautiful view, it is also a Blue Flag beach, a feature many tourists look for. Municipal Tourism says that two out of three tourists arriving here prefer beaches that are Blue Flag certified.

Araceli Ramirez Lopez, coordinator of Ocean Conservancy in Quintana Roo, says that Playa del Niño has become one of the most cleanest and environmental aware beaches in the state.

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