Wellness tourism in Mexico tops list

Posted By on May 3, 2015

Wellness tourism is a new form of travel that more than half of people take into consideration when booking a hotel. With warm year-round weather and near endless pristine beaches, Mexico has become a popular wellness destination.

hotel wellness spaRenowned for its luxury, selection and close proximity, Mexico remains a top destination for stressed out Americans and Canadians who head to Cancun or the Riviera Maya to bask in wellness tourism.

Vacationers are becoming more proactive when it comes to improving their health and quality of life. It used to be that a hotel’s location was the deciding factor for travelers. Now, however, a hotel’s wellness venue is taking rank.

Last year, nearly 17 million American hotel guests set out in search of that perfect wellness retreat.  Internationally, 45 percent of hotel guests admit that the existence of a hotel wellness center or spa was a major factor in their booking decision.

A large majority of the hotels along the Riviera Maya offer their own specialized version of wellness. The purpose of wellness tourism is to help promote health and well-being through various psychological, physical and spiritual activities.

traditional wellness spaA perfect blend of ingredients offered up by Mother Earth is one of the many elements the Riviera Maya has. Exotic flowers, flowing tree saps, special sea algae and the aromatic smell of the surroundings are part of the growing US $3.4 trillion worldwide wellness economy.

Last year, wellness tourism in the US totaled more than $495 million and made up 14.6 percent of all domestic and international tourism expenditures. Forecasters are anticipating wellness tourism to grow by 130 percent over the next year, exceeding overall tourism industry figures by more than 50 percent during the next five years.

On average, primary and secondary wellness tourists spend 59 percent more on their vacation package than vacationers not seeking health and wellness retreats.  Wellness seekers are in search of diverse services such as physical fitness, healthy diet and weight management, beauty treatments, yoga, relaxation and stress relief and other health-related activities. These two groups make up 87 percent of travelers.

Wellness tourism is big business and is something more and more travelers are in search for when looking for that perfect vacation. The next time you visit Cancun or book a retreat along the Riviera Maya, don’t forget to pamper your mind, body and spirit.